If the 90’s were you thing then you must check out Venga, only this time around you might actually remember some of it…! Venga has all the feel of a 90’s nightclub with a large bar and a great central dance floor dominate the room, with lasers and psychedelic flashing lights and heart pounding bass, you will soon be transported back in time! Unlike all 90’s clubs there is limited seating in the venue (we all liked to stand back then). Get stuck into the cocktails and shots, or try out some of our retro drinks!

90’s Throwback

The explosion of mobile phones, Trainspotting at the Cinema and Raves popping up all over the country. The music was awesome too with Girl Power for the Spice Girls, Brit-pop with Oasis, Blur battles, dance tunes from TTF, Robin S and Faithless. We had it all in the ’90s. If you can remember it, you probably weren’t there.